Protected: Overly Dramatic Interventions

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state lottery prize/income outliers

Small Businesses, User Support, and Open Data

I’ve been sitting in Mid City Caffe in Washington, DC and writing about telecommunications law, but my mind has been wandering, because Mid City is about to close.
Having spent many afternoons at Mid City drinking coffee and doing work, it’s a little upsetting to realize that this will be my final afternoon here. First off, [...]

On the Significance of a Shift From Visual Media to Communications Media

Malcolm Gladwell continues to strike a deflationary tone with respect to the role played by new communications tools in organizing joint action. See But I think he overlooks the empathy-building characteristics of the connections made possible by social media, both inside a given network and between network participants and onlookers. The #Egypt twitter hashtag [...]

FCC broadband data visualization #1

Created a Google spreadsheet consisting of 50 city names + latitude and longitude values taken from this (likely not entirely reliable) database. Making use of the FCC’s Consumer Broadband Test API (you can take the test yourself here), I then ran the following API call from within the spreadsheet:
=importXML(CONCATENATE(“”,C2,”&longitude=”,D2); “//wirelineAvgDownload”)
The value I was looking for [...]

from to

I’ve been involved with a few initiatives seeking to promote wide access to scholarly articles, but have not spent as much time thinking about what open access means when applied to the raw materials of law: judicial briefs, caselaw, statutes, Congressional reports and hearings, executive regulations, grants, audits, and so on. This all changed on [...]